Deerwood Leasing provides customized leasing programs to its clients that are based upon their specific needs and requirements. Deerwood Leasing's target clients are those with national distribution channels and multiple office locations. Through its Web Portal, Deerwood Leasing is able to deliver near instantaneous approval and terms to its clients lease requests. Deerwood Leasing's clients are able to "pick and choose" those features and terms that most appeal to their particular leasing situation. Further, Deerwood Leasing's Web Portal allows clients to perform multiple scenarios and to compare them side by side to facilitate the creation of the best possible leasing solution.

The first step in developing a lease program is to contact Deerwood Leasing and create a program. Once completed, the client's organization is provided access to their customized programs using their email address and default password. A unique password is optional once the user logs in.

A Master Agreement to lease Equipment is then executed for the organization or for each office if independently owned. This Master Agreement provides for future individual leases to be executed with minimal additional documentation, greatly facilitating individual lease transactions.

Once logged in, the client has the ability to create leasing scenarios to structure their own customized lease for real or hypothetical transactions. This feature is especially helpful when trying to pre-sell a lease or to estimate contract proposals that require leased equipment. Each scenario can be saved for future retrieval to quickly close the transaction in the future or to reuse if it is a common transaction.

Once a lease is ready to close, the client need only fill in client specific information one time for the completion of all lease documents, which are printed right at the client's location. This information is stored for future use and will not have to be re-entered in the future unless the client's personal information requires updating.

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